About Dog Angels, Inc.

Dog Angels, Inc. was established as a Nonprofit 501(c)3 in 2016.  Our mission is to train Service Dogs to assist medically needy individuals including those with Diabetes, Seizures (Epilepsy), PTSD and Emotional Support needs.  Our Poodle Dogs are trained by highly skilled and qualified Trainers and must complete a detailed program learning specific commands to meet the needs of each recipient. Our mission is also to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome small Dogs from local shelters and the community who will not be Service Dogs. 

In 2019 our Founder and CEO, Fran Grossman, purchased a home which includes a detached 4 car garage that is now converted to train and house our Dogs.  Dog Angels is currently using AKC purebred poodles from top breeders across the United States to train to become Service Dogs.  We will not be training rescue Dogs as the failure rate is quite high since rescue Dogs often have emotional/physical issues that often last a lifetime.  By training specific well-bred health tested puppies selected based on temperament our long term success rate should be much higher.

We are in the initial phase of developing our Service Dog program and welcome those interested in receiving a Service Dog to complete a PRE-Application here.