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We need Donations for:

-low cost veterinary care worldwide

-alternatives to spay/ neuter surgery to reduce homelessness and rabies

-finding forever homes for abandoned, abused and neglected dogs

-increase the number of trained service dogs 

-assist with ending the sale for consumption of dogs

And more...



We believe that the rise of cryptocurrency is a once in a lifetime opportunity to collect donations by credit card or fiat, convert to cryptocurrency or receive in crypto, HODL (hold) while cryptocurrency appreciates in value so we can fund big things. 

Imagine getting 10 bitcoin now worth about $75,000 and turning that into $750,000 or getting 100 bitcoins and turning that into millions! 

We plan to either fund other nonprofits that need assistance funding the above programs or start our own programs.

Because imagine a world with

No strays

Every dog has a forever home

Everyone that needs a service dog gets a service dog

Every dog owner has access to affordable veterinary care

Dog Angel Dreams...

But we need your help. Please donate what you can. Donate by credit card or check.  All donations are tax deductible.

Donate crypto. All donations are tax deductible. And if you want to donate a cryptocurrency that is not listed on our donation form let us know