For Architect

For Architects

Nautical look and navy/white/grey colors

Nautical Anchor pillows
Nautical colors and items
I like the round window above the door
Just for navy color and white shutters
JUST FOR COLOR.. although I LOVE this house.. but for COLOR

Retail Center
Reception Desk

Retail Items for Sale


Dog Adoption Center
Adoption Center Reception Desk

Dog Adoption center interior sample
Dog Grooming Area


Dog Courtyard

Donor Boxes for outside Courtyard

Veterinary Clinic

Dog Wellness

Dog Rehab Center


Dog Education Center

No Oven just Blue/White Kitchen for Education Center

Education Center Conference Tables

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Wall

For exteriors/interiors look and feel

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Signage

Seashells/Coral decor throughout Interior on shelves